Sunday, March 15, 2009

Panama Beaches and the Moses Group

Beautiful, peaceful and upscale condo and pool development on the beach an hour's drive from Panama City, just before Coronado. The projects name is "Bahia", and is at Playa Serena, or Serenity Beach. It is in it's pre-constuction phase, and so far has 65% units sold. It will have an infinity pool, parking, and a property manager and concierge on site, for those owner's who may want to rent their condo out short term while they are not using it. Construction has not yet begun.
Sample of the available furniture packages with purchase.
The location- right on the ocean, with beautiful flora and fauna.
Paul and John Moses. The Moses Group is an established family real estate and construction business who for over 40 years have built many projects in Panama City, as well as beaches and suburbs, not only for tourists and vacationers, but mainly for typical Panamanian families too.
Sea views are essential to their projects, which are upscale, exciting and modern.
They are also known for their priority in respecting nature and the natural habitat, trees, animals, beaches and landscapes. They try to conform the buildings to the land, in design and appearance for the least intrusion to the natural beauty of the area.
This is another nearby project of theirs with single family homes, as well as condos. Punta Barco Village has many amenities..walk to the beach, pools, well thought out streets and views, fireplaces, stonework (you should see the sexy showers with windows) and lovely landscaping. This project is nearing completion, but still has some already built units (single family homes and condos) left, as well as lots where you can still choose from floorplans or create your own designed home and floorplan.
This is the condo rooftop social area- under construction yet, with bars and a media room..perfect for relaxing, parties and entertainment. Gorgeous views of the ocean, mountains and neighborhood. Call Paul if you are interested in more information on this, available lots, homes and prices..we have all that info. Plus you can see more pictures and details at Panama Real Estate Consultants website at We loved it there. If you contact them, ask for John Moses and tell him Paul and Paula sent you...he is very honest, kind, low key, knowledgeable and dedicated to creating homes of distinction and affordable to the middle class. The Moses family takes much pride in their work. We are impressed and would recommend them to anyone. Also, they are looking for investors in developing new projects in the Gatun River area and more.

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