Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I don't think this is good, do you?

So, a few days ago I went with our daughter to the doctors office for a follow up visit, to have lab tests done to see how her kidney infection was either cured or needed more treatment. Luckily for us all, all tests showed she is over it. She is young and in good health and condition.

But I was having a chat with the receptionist/wife of the doctor while I was paying the bill, and she was asking me how our real estate business is going..knowing the recession, the downturn, that we are commission only, etc. I was telling her that things seem to be taking a turn for the better.

More buyers out shopping, open houses actually having some and sometimes lots of people come through. Maybe the $8000 credit for first time buyers is doing what it is planned/suggested/stimulating to do. We personally have some clients in this category, and it's a huge plus for them, based on their prospects for the past few years of buying a home.

Plus we have sold 2 houses this month that we have had listed since October- granted with price reductions. But thats ok. The sellers are happy, and can make up their loss on a discounted price on their buying end. Even more percentage wise.

BUT HERE IS THE POINT: When I mentioned that she and her husband doctor are in a business that probably doesn't have recession downturns, she told me that their medical practice has decreased 50% compared to last February and March. I said maybe not so many people got sick this winter. She said, oh no, by the time people come in to see the doctor, they are really really ill- sometimes they have to send them straight to the hospital..sometimes they are dangerously so ill, that they are so sick they worry about their prognosis.

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