Friday, March 6, 2009

Corvina and Friends of Friends

So everywhere we went in Panama City, restaurants and out and about, we met people and tried the foods and saw the sights. If the USA has a national food it would probably be the hamburger, if you asked tourists and visitors. In Panama, the national food has to be their Corvina..which is a sea bass extraordinare! We didn't visit any chain restaurants, like a few McDonald's around, and others (Subway is here), only local privately owned places, but almost everywhere we went, all over the country, corvina was offered in so many styles..fried, sauted, in salads, appetizers, and so many more ways. It's almost always an economical dish, with fresh and healthy sides. One could be a corvina junkie here with great results!

Plus, when you meet a friend, they introduce you to their friends, and then you are friends with them too. Panama is sooo friendly!

We met up with friends of Paul's cousin Steve from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, who have a vacation home in the Zonian section of Panama(where the American canal zone was)..they also live in FL. They invited us to their lovely home in the Zone, and then we all went just minutes away to the Amador Causeway, an upcoming entertainment/yacht port/museum/convention center/restaurant area very close to their home. We all had a lovely evening conversing and enjoying the outdoor dining and the weather and well...Panama.

Oh, and I have to mention two more things. The tap water in Panama is sooo gooood! At home I use filtered water, but there it is soo good out of the tap. And in one month, we never had a touristy stomach issue with it.
Also, wines from South America are so available and cheap, compared to the United States! If you are a lover of fine wines, you will love their availability and prices! Argentina, Chile, and more...

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