Friday, May 22, 2009

How wonderful to have friends share their flowers with you for no reason.

Doris came by today with a gift of a bouquet so beautiful...all from her garden in Germantown. They are soooo beautiful, the it was just an unexpected gift for no reason.

Friends are so precious, bearing gifts. Or not too. She is usually sunshine whenever she arrives to visit anyway. Today she brought peonies in full bloom, iris in multiple colors...fresh and can't help but smile when you see the bouquet.

Thank you Doris, and also Jorge, who has the skill and know how to plant and create such beauty in their garden

"Flowers always make people better and happier; they are sunshine,
food, and medicine to the soul."
Author: Luther Burbank

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  1. happy that you are blessed with flower-bearing friends!

    sunday susan brought a big bouquet of sweet pink peonies over when she came for our holiday cookout, aren't they just the most sublime flowers?