Monday, January 23, 2012

2 Surprising Troubleshooting Fixes

I bought some violets last year at the supermarket, and they bloomed and looked lovely all summer. I kept them on the south facing windowsill in my kitchen. Then, they stopped blooming. They looked healthy, but they were all leaves. When checking them out I noticed that the window and windowsill were quite cold where they were, so I switched them out to my office windowsill, still facing south-but now they are close to the heating vent in my office and much warmer. Within a few days they were blooming again!  They are a delight to look at.

Lesson learned: Violets need not only sunshine but warmth.

Problem #2
   My LG dumbphone wouldn't keep a charge for more than a few hours, even when keeping it in the charger for a full charge, and without even talking to anyone on it, it would be down to 2 bars within a few hours.
 So I went to Verizon and the service guy took out the battery to find the size and make, and I ordered a new one for $21 from the warehouse in Texas.  It should take a few days to get here yet. 
So all of a sudden my battery totally is holding a charge for days now without bar/power loss.
Lesson learned:  If your battery doesn't keep a charge, try taking it out, and putting it back in to see if that is the magical fix. It was for me. And now I wasted $21. ugh

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  1. I returned the battery to Verizon for a full refund no questions asked, and have had no troubles with my phone battery since. : )